Key Points of Primata

Created to meet your human resource management needs.

Complete Features

Complete solutions between internal modules and external systems, namely by: banking, taxation, cooperatives, and others.


Has been used by dozens of four and five star hotels, and continue to be refined since 2004.


Built using the Boutique-made method anticipating the need for customization.

User Friendly

Using a database engine that is reliable but easy to operate by users.

Less Cost

A system that is Cost efficient without any hidden costs, so users will get more than what they pay for.

Concurrent dan Multi User

Can be used by many users at the same time.

Lifetime Warranty

Provides guaranteed free repair for errors that are still found in system writing.

High-level Security

Provides authentication and grant different rights for each user.

Comply with Indonesian Regulations

Built on the basis of best-practice of labor characteristics in Indonesia, and accommodate government regulations so that they remain compliant with labor laws and regulations.

System Overview

Primata's Modules

Primata has various modules which are equipped with advanced features.

Employee Management

The following modules will help you organize and manage all the data of your human resources. 

  • Organization Structure and Job Description
  • Employee Details
  • Employee Recruitment
  • New Employee
  • Employee Resignation
  • Employee Performance Review
  • Employee Promotion
  • Employee Transfer
  • Employee Demotion
  • Employee Reward
  • Employee History (CV)
  • Employee Contract History
  • Employee Benefit
  • Social Activities
  • Legal Document Attachments

Shift Scheduler

This module will make it easier to divide, name, change, and record work shifts.

  • Employee Work Schedule by department, by level, Manager on Duty, etc.
  • Forecast and Productivity Schedule
  • Public Holiday
  • Work Overtime
  • Schedule Template
  • Schedule History
  • Shift Table (Regular shift, Day Off, Short Time, Split shift, etc.)

Attendance Records

Unlike the 'Shift Scheduler' module, Attendance Records will display more detailed attendance data.

  • Automatic attendance pick-up from devices (Face Recognition, Fingerpint, RFID, QR Code, pickup from mobile phone, etc.)
  • Discrepancy Attendance (Late In, Early Home, etc.)
  • Overtime Calculation

Leave Management

This module will facilitate the processing, reporting, and input of data leave.

  • Leave Table Setup
  • Leave Request and Approval
  • Automatic Leave Entitlement, Cancellation, and Forfeit.
  • Day Pay Management
  • Leave taking Analysis (Sick Leave or others non-entitlement)
  • Various Options based on Employee Category and Level

Training Module

Facilitate training scheduling and planning.

  • Course Catalog
  • Class Session
  • Trainer Management

Primata Payroll System

This module can stand alone or be a part of PrimataHR.

  • Personnel Bank Account
  • Attendance Check and Calculation
  • Allowance and Deduction Setup and Calculation
  • Service Charge Distribution
  • Festive Allowance (THR)
  • Daily Worker Payment Process
  • Tax Calculation
  • Automatic jurnal to back office system
  • Link to Tax system (e-SPT), Bank Transfer, etc.
  • Pay Slip delivery by email, ESS Module, or other.

Other Modules

Apart from the 6 main modules above, Primata also provides various other modules.

  • Employee Self Service (ESS)
    • Employee's own Shift Schedule
    • Employee's own Attendance
    • Employee's own Leave Balance and Request
    • Employee's own Profile and History
    • Employee's own Pay Slip
  • Employee Meals (Canteen)
    • Auto Count meal taken by employee
    • Meal setup for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, or provide by box
    • Link to PrimataHR for employee change and employee shift schedule
    • Cost Calculation
  • System Tools & Utilities
    • User Trustee Matrix by Level/grade, Department, Category
    • Transaction logs for tracing and auditing
    • System Agent for Automatic Database Backup
    • System Agent for Automatic Leave Calculation
    • System Agent for Automatic Attendance Pickup
    • System Agent for Automatic Reporting
    • System Agent for Automatic Email
    • System Reminder and notification for each login users.
    • Parameter setup for carious conditions.


Primata has been used by more than 90 four and five star hotels for a dozen years.
Primata's References

We have been working with Balisoft on PrimataHR and Primata Payroll for 10 years
and have developed together a trustful relationship between vendor and user to grow from 1 property to all Alila Indonesia properties.
Balisoft as the developer company  of Primata has been very proactive and understanding with hospitality client needs in HR daily operational and payroll needs and responded well to the growth and changes in our business  PrimataHR and Primata Payroll as a system provides hospitality related features that allow us to work with departments in maximizing PrimataHR for all aspects of operations such as scheduling, leave management, performance appraisal and strategic reports.

Vira Risnayani
Regional HR Director Indonesia,
Hyatt Alila Hotels & Resort

Primata System is very accommodating to my work and as long as I use it, the system is stable. Easy to use > copy-paste from system to excel.

I Nyoman Rico Setiawan
Senior Talent & Culture Executive – Paymaster,
Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort

I am a big fan of PrimataHR.
Knew the company about 9 years ago.
PrimataHR supported me to open 2 out of 3 pre-opening hotels I conducted.
Friendly user, and support team listens very attentively to customers and respond in a timely manner.
Fond of PrimataHR’s reminder system for those whose contract is about to finish.

Jacinta J. Widiana
Director of HR,
PT Anamaya Resort Seminyak