AkuntanPro is a smart solution that integrates all business processes into a single unit, including:

Financial & Accounting Management

Sales & Marketing


Supply Chain Management

Human Resource

Asset Management

Other Resources Management

Key Points of AkuntanPro

Complete Features

Complete solutions between internal modules and external systems, namely by: banking, taxation, cooperatives, and others.


Built using the Boutique-made method anticipating the need for customization.

Comply with Indonesian Regulations

Built on the specific regulations and characteristics of businesses in Indonesia.


Using a database engine that is reliable but easy to operate by users.

Less Cost

A system that is Cost efficient without any hidden costs, so users will get more than what they pay for.

Real-time Proccess

Record every transaction in real-time so that the information will always be up to date.

Lifetime Waranty

Provides guaranteed free repair for errors that are still found in system writing.

High-level Security

Provides authentication and grant different rights for each user.